You can tell a lot about a businesses service culture by the way employees treat each other internally: how people speak to one another, internal response times, and the levels of care and respect shown are reflections of how customers will be treated.

As leaders, a smart and sustainable approach to better serving customers is encouraging people to put their teams first and prioritising better connections with colleagues. A busy leader’s schedule is often filled with back-to-back meetings with no space for a lunch break. The consequence of spending all day in ‘doing’ mode is limited space for ‘allowing’ conversations to flow where they need to so people can connect on matters more deeply.

One tactic in deepening employee relations at work is to create non-agenda time. Rather than always meeting in a formal setting armed with a list of items to be discussed, insert a few informal coffee catch-ups throughout the week (or walks around the block) without a list of items to discuss.

Simply getting to know your team members, understanding their world a little more and connecting with them is good for business. The better we understand people, the better we are able to help support them to be their best professional selves. In turn, this will help you be your best professional self.

Prioritise small talk. Invest in workplace relationships. Get to know each other.

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