The aim of customer service is to remove people’s barriers and leave them better than when you found them. In simple terms: be helpful.

A client of mine—who works for a stadium—shared a story about how she helped a customer (an elderly lady) to scan a QR code when she visited the stadium.

As she was assisting the customer, she noticed multiple pictures of QR codes saved in the photos section of her phone. She deducted that the customer misunderstood the process and thought she had to take a photo in order for the QR code to scan. After my client explained the process of scanning, the customer felt relieved and grateful that someone had taken the time to explain it to her.

This situation could have led to the customer feeling embarrassed but my client chose the right way. She empowered the customer and did so without making her feel like she was in the wrong.

Customer service is an opportunity to elevate the ordinary moments.

Sometimes customers don’t know what they want or how to do something that may seem blatantly obvious to us. What an opportunity it is to help customers when they are unsure, uncertain or unskilled. Communicate with them, educate them, and ultimately, help them.

Don’t make your customers wrong. Instead, leave them better than how you found them.

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