Last week, I had a few personal appointments to get to. I needed help with my hair, my back and my teeth. Yup, it was a week of self-care.

I have been a loyal customer of my hairdresser, chiropractor and dentist for more than a decade and I am extremely confident in each of their expertise. But this is not the only reason I rebook at the end of each visit. Every time I turn up for an appointment, I am reminded that I can trust them and that they deeply appreciate my loyalty.

Here is how I know this:

My hairdresser, Paul, continues to tell me to watch the step. It’s the same step I have been going up and down for the last ten years when I get my hair washed. Safety is his priority, and he would never want me to miss that step.

My chiropractor, Belinda, continues to be on time. She never runs late or keeps me waiting. Punctuality is her priority and she wants to respect my time as I travel across town to get to her.

My dentist, Dr Michael, continues to demonstrate the kindest bedside manner when I visit for a checkup and clean, and he always makes time for small talk to settle me in. I never feel like he is in a hurry.

In the words of Derek Sivers, author of Hell Yeah or No, ‘Keep earning your title, or it expires’.

What all of these professionals have in common is their attitude towards earning their title and therefore my loyalty. Every visit feels like the first.

You are only as good as your last performance. People experience you moment-to-moment and each moment is an opportunity to show your customers that you have earned the right for them to come back.

In a previous blog, I share some practical ways to earn your title from your customers.

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