With the Australian Prime Minister announcing, ‘One million doses of hope’ in the weekend paper, a thought crossed my mind, how much hope are we placing on one solution? Hope is important and it comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s not about waiting for one solution. Rather than placing all our eggs in one basket, why not choose to find hope in all pockets of society for a more immediate and impactful result.

Just to be clear, this message isn’t right or wrong and it isn’t fueled with political angst or divide. It’s simply an invitation to be open to the hope that is all around you. We are all frightened. We are all seeking certainty. And we all want to feel safe—this leads to hope.

So where can we find hope in this great country? How can we bottle it today so we are not continually living in a state of future focus and anxiety?

Don’t wait for hope. Seek it.

Hope is a feeling to expect something with confidence, which of course, leads to trust.

There are people in this country right now giving oodles of hope to customers and fellow citizens. On my Sunday morning walk last week, I passed a small café on the corner of a busy intersection where coffee and BBQ bacon and egg rolls were being served alongside heartfelt tunes playing on a DJ deck. It was a picture of hope.

The owner was optimistic. Within the rules bestowed upon him, his ongoing overheads and the responsibility of keeping people employed, he saw an opportunity. Check out the hope he is giving people in this video clip.

Don’t wait for hope. Create it.

Leadership and people in customer service—like café-owner, Bob—create hope. I got chatting to him and he shared two insights with me:

  1. Pressure is a privilege
    He explained that his business was doing okay before COVID; however, when he knew that lockdowns were here to stay, he wanted his local customers to be confident in him and trust that he would be open for them, each day, no matter what. He created hope for his customers to come back week after week.
  2. Passion over paycheck
    He believes that risk presents opportunity and if he remains passionate about creating great food and offering great service, his employees will feel safe and trust him. This is creating hope for his employees by taking away uncertainty and fear.

I love meeting people like Bob. There are many Bob’s out there who are using their own hope to create a ripple effect of hope for others.

Customer service typically is all about providing support, help, solutions and answers. This brave new world asks people to step up and be brave. Australia, we have an opportunity here to break the spell of hopelessness. We must try something new, seek alternatives and give inspiration and hope

to our fellow citizens. Live for today, don’t bet on ‘what’s coming’. It’s a far more fulfilling way to live.

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