Leadership as a role and responsibility is a privilege and, therefore, it pays to be conscious about how you serve those you lead.

I have been watching business leaders across Australia adding to the daily noise about our health crisis by delivering strong narratives around the COVID vaccine. Regardless of what is right or wrong, the point is this: how leaders deliver a message is either through a lens of love or fear.

Leaders, you affect more than you can possibly know—every gesture, every mood, every thought and every word. As a leader, you can influence beyond the workplace. Your actions have the potential to ripple out to society and linger for decades. This is why I am incredibly passionate and focused on helping organisations develop more conscious leaders.

What you feel within yourself—your subconscious thoughts—will be what you project onto others.

If a leader’s narrative is fear-based, they become a fearful and fear-giving leader. This adds to an already scared and frightened member of society. But if they are confident, composed and at peace, they become the caring and care-giving leader.

A recent Forbes article, ‘Why You Should Lead with Love, Not Fear’, explains that if you are feeling fearful as a leader, you are projecting your own stress, uncertainty and pessimism through the team. Leading with love, as opposed to fear, means finding the certainty in uncertainty to reassure, guide and get the best out of teams.

Leaders have opportunities in every encounter to teach love and minimise fear. Speak up as a leader, sure—but speak up consciously. This means be aware of what’s happening in your environment and in your body.

There are three ways to strengthen your conscious awareness:

Awaken: Slow down the urgent, get still, get quiet and notice what is happening around you and around the world—really notice.

Be mindful: Tune into the present moment, watch your thoughts and emotions and ensure that what you are projecting onto others is mindful. Notice how people respond and how you feel when you communicate messages.

Act intentionally and consciously: Get clear about who you want to be as a leader. Ask yourself what would love, kindness and devotion look like in your workplace, from a leader’s perspective. Are you having a positive impact on people regardless of your own gains?

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