It is human to be inconsistent, have days where we feel a bit ‘off’ and days where we feel ‘on’. Maintaining excellent customer service, humans serving humans, will always run the risk of inconsistencies showing up in service interactions, therefore excellent customer service is an intentional, relentless practice.

There isn’t one touch point or one silver bullet that shifts the service culture; rather, it’s every touch point that slowly reveals progress for leaders and their teams that creates a positive impact to the performance of their service.

‘All the greatest returns are delayed.’—James Clear

If you want to see breakthroughs in your workplace culture and how people adjust their mindset towards service, building into the workplace repetition of training and learning the habits and behaviours you want to see, will eventually lead to behaviour automaticity. As seen in the model above ; James Clear.

You can never focus on your topics of interest too much. You can never get tired of focusing on the same issues or topics if they are spread out over time and delivered in different ways.

People will always have a different experience and may find they walk away from the same content they learned a few months earlier with a new learning.

Be consistent with;

  • ongoing gatherings
  • training sessions
  • lunch and learn forums (or whatever mode of learning and development works for your business).

Don’t be afraid to repeat your development programs. Repeating them will serve to deepen your practice of being a great service leader and will inspire and influence your people’s practice of excellent customer service.

The brain is built to form habits but to rewire these habits is a tricky, ongoing task. Changing habits requires steady, consistent effort. It’s pushing through the first few attempts (which feel hard) until you begin feeling a sense of progress (no matter how small that progress may be) and eventually leading to breakthroughs.

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