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I used to be someone who turned on the radio first thing in the morning, had the TV on in the background when I was home alone, and scrolled through socials when bored. I’m not sure, 10 years ago, whether I was even aware of the lack of silence in my world.

Most of us are drowning in data, information and noise – and as a consequence, being in silence for even five minutes can be rare and perhaps even uncomfortable. It can be confronting to sit with your thoughts.

When we’re in silence, though, we start to tune in to the present moment. It’s a gateway to mindfulness and seeing those pesky thoughts that are, at the end of the day, just thoughts.

Studies have shown that silence has health benefits: it reduces cortisol and stimulates brain growth, giving your body a chance to release stress and clearing your head for greater creativity and better problem-solving.

Whenever I’m in overwhelm or stuck on a problem, the first thing I do now is sit in silence.

Five minutes of silence a day is a simple way of tuning into your own pool of knowledge, becoming present with what’s around you and clearing the mind.

“Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers” 

— Anonymous


Where do you fill in the silence?


While you may feel an impulse to fill the space with an activity, a conversation or some music, you can consciously choose to stay with silence for five minutes a day. Maybe grab this five minutes first thing in the morning. Stick with it for a week and notice the effects.

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