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Mediocre or Masterful

2019-02-24T22:19:57+10:00February 26, 2019|

In this age of digital transformation, where we are arguably more connected than ever, our desire for speed and convenience is compromising our greatest and basic needs as humans: care, kindness and one-on-one interaction. In a recent blog, Seth Godin talks about ‘the fourth cycle’. He explains that thanks to the lightning speed development [...]

Serve Those You Don’t See

2019-02-17T22:25:35+10:00February 19, 2019|

If you are selling a product or service, you are most likely in the business of making change happen. You will have good visibility on who you are serving. Some of you will know the archetype of your customers: where they live, what they like to eat, how they buy, and what they desire. [...]

Be Impeccable with Your Word

2019-02-03T21:06:54+10:00February 5, 2019|

In his first month of administration, Trump invented or mainstreamed a new vocabulary of mendacity—fake news and alternative facts. And within ten months, he made more than 1500 false or misleading claims according to the Washington Post. No matter how much politicians dismiss Trumps’ words—words matter. Words have destroyed a nation. Words have inspired [...]

What is it like to be you?

2019-01-20T21:36:55+10:00January 22, 2019|

During summer, I have friends and family come to stay with me. They are a mixed bag of ages, backgrounds and personalities. Together we share every meal, time on the beach, and cooking and cleaning. Yes, we all get frustrated and rub each other up the wrong way. It’s a fabulous human experiment and [...]

Self-Aware AI in 2062

2019-01-14T17:39:19+10:00January 15, 2019|

Ellen Broad, an Australian data expert, recently shared with the folk on Triple J that by 2062 we will have Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence. After hearing this, I preceded down a rabbit hole into the world’s brain—Google—and got lost in the question: Could AI’s develop conscious experience? I will let you ponder that question further but [...]

Sorry, Not Before 10:00am

2019-01-15T11:28:40+10:00January 8, 2019|

I’ve never been great at setting boundaries. Yet early last year, I began to notice that in the absence of boundaries I was creating stress, worry and uneasiness in my daily life. I wanted to change this. I reached out to my dear friend and soul sister Taryn Pieramati. Taryn is a personal energy [...]

Dive Right In

2019-01-15T11:31:20+10:00December 11, 2018|

We are in summer now, which means lots of swimming for me. I love to watch people enter the water, and I have noticed two types of approaches. One is the ‘slow, cautious’ approach. People think and psych themselves up for ages before they walk in until the water is up to their thighs. They [...]