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How to Rise Above Routine Tasks

2021-06-25T11:17:28+10:00June 29, 2021|

My partner and I have just discovered a fabulous ramen restaurant on Russell Street. Mr Yoshimura (the founder), is the ‘Ramen Champion’— a title he has held for multiple years—and his shop in Singapore once sold over 100,000 bowls of ramen within a year. That’s a lot of noodles. This got me thinking [...]

Making Better Customer Service Decisions When Things Are Out of Your Control

2021-06-04T11:07:39+10:00June 8, 2021|

Last week, my team and I found ourselves in an uncontrollable situation. We had very little influence over every challenge that was thrown our way, and we certainly didn’t have control. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say it involved travel, Covid tests and threatening border closures. I made decisions [...]

How to Improve Customer Service

2021-05-21T09:11:38+10:00May 25, 2021|

Employees who feel well are more likely to delight a customer.   Wellbeing is the experience of health, happiness and prosperity. It includes good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning and purpose, and the ability to manage stress. More generally, wellbeing is just feeling well.    In the past twelve months, employee wellbeing [...]

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