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Aim To Please The First Time

2021-03-18T15:17:58+11:00March 23, 2021|

My partner and I are planning a staycation and making the most of our local area on the Mornington Peninsula over a four-day intentional break. We have agreed on two rules for the four days: No work (this includes laptops, gardening and housework). We are to only experience places we have never been to [...]

No Hugs & Warm Words

2021-03-15T14:54:34+11:00March 16, 2021|

[activecampaign form=35] I am a hugger. I used to embrace most people I met with a hug. With social distancing in place, I find it hard to restrain myself. (Maybe those of you who don’t like hugs are secretly loving the change?)   We don’t see as many handshakes in business meetings; we don’t [...]

Too Busy To Serve?

2021-03-11T15:21:17+11:00March 2, 2021|

[activecampaign form=35]As I sat to write this blog, I was interrupted three times. What normally takes me thirty minutes, took seventy-five. Here is why. According to an HBR article, you can’t multitask, so stop trying, it takes an average of 15 minutes to reorientate yourself to a primary task after a distraction, during which [...]

Empathy for Employees and Customers for Better Business

2021-02-23T12:44:47+11:00February 23, 2021|

[activecampaign form=35 css=1] Periods of social distancing (in some parts of Australia more than others), last-minute border closures and people wearing masks are now part of our human experience. These events are more normal than not. Subtly, we are on high alert and, in some cases, we are scared of getting too close to people.Humans are [...]

What Will We Never Do Again?

2020-12-17T11:07:13+11:00December 22, 2020|

It’s easy to say that we learn from our mistakes, but how often do we actually learn?How much pain needs to be felt before we learn the lesson? How many times must we repeat the same mistake before we realise what we need to see or experience so that we can do or be better next time? What does [...]

Obligation v’s Service

2020-12-07T12:47:07+11:00December 8, 2020|

Have you ever sat in traffic and felt the impatience and frustration rise within you? And then, although you are running late, although you have been sitting tolerantly, moving slower than 20kms per hour, you decide to be a good citizen and let someone out in front of you (something we all look for when [...]

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