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Weekly Service Insights Blog Archive

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Best Professional Self

May 28, 2019|

How do you cope when you are having a hard day?If you are anything like me, you would like to think that you display the characteristics of a professional when [...]

Understanding Others

May 21, 2019|

I walk past you every day. I see you. I am aware of you. I try to see things through your eyes. I try. I wonder how you got [...]

For Guys Only!

February 17, 2015|

When you think about ALL the potential moments of truth your customers have to form an impression of your business or brand I bet many of us neglect to [...]

The Art of Asking a Question!

February 3, 2015|

This blog is for all the managers and business owners out there that are still hands on and get into the operations from time to time! Last week I [...]

Hot & Sweaty Customer Service!

January 28, 2015|

I visited a venue on the weekend to observe their customer service standards prior to rolling out training in the coming weeks. I spent time with the Head of [...]

Quit For $1000! Really?

January 20, 2015|

I have been around some business owners and senior leaders of late that have wanted to let some staff go. They have almost given themselves a stomach ulcer trying [...]

Plants & People – Same Same!

January 15, 2015|

Without the process of photosynthesis, life on Earth would be very bland. While the photosynthetic process varies from organism to organism, there are three indispensable elements that no photosynthetic [...]

Service For Love Not Money

January 6, 2015|

This is the first Blog of 2015 and it's an extended version of what I would normally publish. I want to give you twice as much content and value [...]

The Price For Saying Please!

December 2, 2014|

Have you heard about the NSW café (seven mile beach kiosk) that rewards its customers who show a little bit of manners? Click here. $5.00 if you ask for [...]

RUDE With A Capital “Rrrrrrrrrr”

August 5, 2013|

Recently I travelled with my preferred airline (which I wont mention today based on what I’m about to share) and instead of doing an online check in I headed [...]