Weekly Service Insights Blog Archive

Weekly Service Insights Blog Archive

Premium Price Expect Premium Service

January 26, 2021|

Recently, I had an experience with a removalist company. I have moved many times in my life and have experienced all sorts of budgets and services. This time, I [...]

Pay Attention to What is Reflecting Back at You

January 19, 2021|

One of the greatest things you can learn in life is that relationships are like mirrors. Everything you do (and feel) appears in your outside world as a ‘direct’ [...]

What Will We Never Do Again?

December 22, 2020|

It’s easy to say that we learn from our mistakes, but how often do we actually learn?How much pain needs to be felt before we learn the lesson? How many [...]

Leaders In Service Need A Road Map

September 14, 2020|

Not everyone likes the road map they are given.   I most certainly did not like the road map presented to me, as a lawful citizen, by the Premiere [...]


September 1, 2020|

When I say consistency, what do you think? Same / same? Exactly the same? Always the same?   Are you consistent in how you take care of yourself? (Exercise, [...]

The 101s Of Service

August 18, 2020|

The world has changed forever. A death and rebirth process has taken place right before our very eyes. The death of the ‘old’ operating systems in business, education, health and [...]

When Language Changes, So Do Service Cultures

August 4, 2020|

When we guide a Service Transformation journey with businesses, one of the key measures we focus on is: have people started to change their language? If you listen intently to [...]

Attention Training For Extraordinary Service

July 21, 2020|

If you experience lousy service, you might describe the person who served you as inattentive. If you experience a service that draws you in and makes you feel like you matter, [...]

A Winning Formula

July 7, 2020|

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with one of my mentors and expressing how unfamiliar life felt at the time: new routines, new pace and new ways of [...]

Praise For Better Service

June 23, 2020|

Last week I facilitated the final webinar in a 12 month Service Habits series. For the 90 leaders who dialed in, they felt it was one of the best [...]

Moving From Control To Following Up

June 9, 2020|

Keeping up with the needs of employees and customers today is like keeping up with a changing weather system – it can turn at any moment. You can’t control [...]

A Meaningful Mindset

May 26, 2020|

Last weekend I had a contrasting service experience in the same store. It was my first time out in a retail store in several months, you can imagine I [...]

66 Days of Meditation

April 21, 2020|

Embedding a new meditation habit. Come meditate with me and create a new, long-lasting meditation habit. A FREE guided audio course: 10 minutes a day direct to your [...]

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