Weekly Service Insights Blog Archive

Weekly Service Insights Blog Archive

How to Improve Customer Service

May 25, 2021|

Employees who feel well are more likely to delight a customer.   Wellbeing is the experience of health, happiness and prosperity. It includes good mental health, high life satisfaction, a [...]

Prioritise Small Talk

April 20, 2021|

You can tell a lot about a businesses service culture by the way employees treat each other internally: how people speak to one another, internal response times, and [...]

Learning to Serve is Like Riding a Bike

April 13, 2021|

Do you remember the first time you learned to ride a bike? For me, it was the early eighties. Dad progressively helped me build confidence to ditch my [...]

The First Decision in Service

March 30, 2021|

I recently read a blog by Seth Godin, Practical Elegance, where he suggests that customer service begins at the point of making a commitment to the experience long [...]

Aim To Please The First Time

March 23, 2021|

My partner and I are planning a staycation and making the most of our local area on the Mornington Peninsula over a four-day intentional break. We have agreed on [...]

No Hugs & Warm Words

March 16, 2021|

I am a hugger. I used to embrace most people I met with a hug. With social distancing in place, I find it hard to restrain myself. [...]

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