Weekly Service Insights Blog Archive

Weekly Service Insights Blog Archive

The First Decision in Service

March 30, 2021|

I recently read a blog by Seth Godin, Practical Elegance, where he suggests that customer service begins at the point of making a commitment to the experience long [...]

Aim To Please The First Time

March 23, 2021|

My partner and I are planning a staycation and making the most of our local area on the Mornington Peninsula over a four-day intentional break. We have agreed on [...]

66 Days of Meditation

April 21, 2020|

Embedding a new meditation habit. Come meditate with me and create a new, long-lasting meditation habit. A FREE guided audio course: 10 minutes a day direct to your [...]

The Naked Truth of Service

March 10, 2020|

A customer, a colleague, a 50-year-old, a 23 year old, a person who grew up in the country, a person who grew up in the city, someone who is [...]

The Customer Doesn’t Always Come First

February 24, 2020|

Jaq’s Service Habits in practice Last week I delivered 5 workshops and met 185 leaders from various organisations and industries. I got to see first hand how the individuals [...]

When You Serve, Consider Speaking Least

February 6, 2020|

Your ability to give people undivided attention is a matter of the mind first, before you blame external distractions or outside influences. There are two barriers that you face [...]

STOP Thinking about Service

January 23, 2020|

One of the things that gets in the way for people in service roles delivering stand out service, is they get stuck in their heads, doing far more unnecessary [...]

99% Service is not 100%

January 8, 2020|

How would it feel if your partner or best friend came to you one day and said; I am 99% committed to you. It would feel odd, and you [...]

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