Weekly Service Insights Blog Archive

Weekly Service Insights Blog Archive

No Hugs & Warm Words

March 16, 2021|

I am a hugger. I used to embrace most people I met with a hug. With social distancing in place, I find it hard to restrain myself. [...]

Too Busy To Serve?

March 2, 2021|

As I sat to write this blog, I was interrupted three times. What normally takes me thirty minutes, took seventy-five. Here is why. According to an HBR article, [...]

Climb into the Customer’s Chair

October 24, 2019|

It is well known that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, is service-minded in his approach to leading his people and his brand. One of his techniques is to place [...]

Inspiring Action in Service

October 10, 2019|

When working with leaders to explore ideal behaviours and actions of service teams, I get them to visualise what a ‘great’ service team looks like. We work though questions [...]

Call it Out

October 2, 2019|

When you work in a team, you are relying on those around you for support so you can be your best professional self. In my McDonalds days, it was [...]

We Convince by Our Presence

September 18, 2019|

Through learning the critical need to be more present in my life, I have seen the impact and effect it has had on shaping my friendships and relationships and [...]

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