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Creating A Customer Service Mindset

• How to create ‘sticky’ customer service in your organisation

• A consistent quality service experience is the difference customers are looking for

• How conscious leaders drive customer service mindset change.

If you’re looking to transform the customer service culture in your organisation, to decrease complaints and increase compliments, Jaquie Scammell’s approach is simple and more human than introducing better processes and procedures – and it works.  Jaquie has studied Australian organisations that provide the best customer service and created a system that, if followed will increase loyalty to your business.

You too will be able to create a winning customer service mindset that will be adopted by your frontline service leaders, the people who impact your customer service staff, who impact your customers every day.

Creating A Customer Service Mindset looks at the future of work, the importance of customer service and the effect of conscious leadership on the success of your organisation. It reveals how you can instil a customer service mindset throughout your organisation by teaching employees how to adopt a continuum of behaviours. The catch is that you, as a leader, have to adopt these behaviours, which will impact your employees’ performance, which in turn impacts your customer interactions and loyalty, and then enhances your whole organisation.

Jaquie includes interviews with leaders from six of the best Australian businesses, who have a customer service mindset. These organisations may not have as much street cred as Google, Amazon or Facebook, but they lead the way when it comes to building a high performing service culture where customer loyalty is constantly increasing.