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The Service Habits are 27 Practical, effective and easy to implement habits to help deepen the relationships with people you serve.

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Service Habits Book Cover
The 2nd Book In Jaquie’s Service Series

Small steps to strengthen the relationships with the people you serve.

“If you are a service professional, this book will become your new bible.

Rather than advocating massive organisation wide transformational effort (which rarely works), this books takes us through the 27 habits that will create a service mindset, and grow the organisation (and you personally).”
Peter Cook, CEO, Thought Leaders

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Service Habits Book Cover

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What Jaquie’s audiences have to say:

Service Habits Book Review
“Jaquie’s approach to Service Habits and strengthening relationships is first class and a must for individuals or organisations looking to build a service culture”

Alistair, General Manager

Speaking Review
“Both the presentation and the workshop were fantastic, and the attendees were scribbling furiously and contributing in the discussion, both of which are brilliant signs of their engagement in the content. I hope I have the pleasure of working with you again in the future.”

CX Symposium Event

Online Course Review
“I wonder where I would be in my career and life if I had done this course when I was 20? I imagine light years ahead.”

Jessica –Department Head, Airport

Service Habits Book Cover

An infectiously enthusiastic, wholehearted, centred and extraordinarily present conference speaker.

You find yourself leaning in as she reveals unique teachings with a deep appreciation for the human side of business. This translates to practical tools for the audience to take away.
Jaquie is available to speak on a variety of topics, click the link below to find out more.

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Service Habits Book Cover

Jaquie offers a variety of programs for businesses to help them start transforming their service culture.

Take care of your people so they can take care of your customers.
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Extraordinary Service Cultures
Serve Yourself Series
Workplace Meditations
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Service Habits Book Cover

Service Habits is a practical, effective, and easy to implement course to transform your service mindset.

Each of the 27 habits provide you ways to improve incrementally and develop greater self-awareness, understanding of others and ways to self-regulate during a busy working day
The Service Habits course will teach you simple ways to develop greater balance of head and heart, while optimising results and increasing the quality of relationships when serving others.

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